Editorial 1.2

cover_1.2_183[1]Welcome to this second issue of EuroVista which we hope you find full of interest and value. This will be the last issue for which I am responsible – having edited the journal for the past eight years and through the successful transition from its England and Wales roots as Vista to its new more European horizon of EuroVista, it is time to hand the responsibility on. And I am delighted that I am able to hand on to two very distinguished international scholars of probation studies – Professor Rob Canton from De Montfort University in England and Dr Gerhard Ploeg from Department of Corrections in Norway. My colleague, Eileen Dunstan, is also handing on her responsibility as Book Reviews Editor, in this case to Dr John Deering from University of Wales, so it is a fresh team that now takes the journal forward in its new European format. I am grateful for all the assistance I have enjoyed as Editor, especially from Amanda Williams, the journal’s Administrator, and also from Leo Tigges and Koen Goei at CEP, who have made the shift to a European-wide focus possible.

I am sure EuroVista has a bright future, even in the current difficult financial times that public services like probation currently face. In such times, we all need inspiration, and EuroVista of course exists to inspire as well as inform practitioners and academics involved with probation and community justice and so to make a difference to how the important work is done.

Professor John W Raine
University of Birmingham, UK