Editorial 1.1

complete%20cover%20-%20web[1]Welcome to the first issue of EuroVista: Probation and Community Justice. As prefaced in the editorial for the last issue of VISTA, a partnership has now been formed between the editorial team of that journal and CEP, the widely respected European Probation Organisation to develop a journal with a continuing focus on probation and community justice but with stronger European and wider internationalist horizons.

A newly constituted Executive Board has been established – involving both serving members of the previous VISTA Editorial Advisory Board and new members from across Europe and with both practitioner and academic involvement in probation work. At the new Board’s inaugural meeting earlier this year, the decision was taken to adopt a new title – EuroVista: Probation and Community Justice – reflecting both the fresh commitment to new horizons and the established roots of the past decade.

Those familiar with VISTA will quickly recognise that elements of the past format have indeed been retained in the design of the new journal. But we have also taken the opportunity to develop it in a number of ways – most notably, and in keeping with the times, to an ‘on-line’ publication mode (albeit retaining the option of hard copy issues for subscribers). This development will allow us to be more flexible in our publication schedules and to supply individual issues and articles on request to others than those on our subscriber list.

We very much look forward to your feedback on the new journal and hope that, through EuroVista, we can continue to promote and support the process of fresh thinking, research and analysis on probation and community justice, as well as the dissemination of good practice. We also hope that you will wish to be a contributor to, as well as a reader of, EuroVista in the months and years to come.

John W. Raine
University of Birmingham, UK
Editor of EuroVista: Probation and Community Justice